Cosplay For The Plus-Size

Tips and tricks to help plus size cosplayers and their cosplay antics :D All features shown have full permission from the cosplayer.





If you went or know anyone who went to SDCC and saw this cosplayer, the police seriously need your help. _

The cosplayer was found at the side of a road unconscious and bloody without her ID and in her costume. The police are unsure what happened to her. 

If you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, call The San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.
PLEASE Spread the message.

Personal note: I am not personally involved with the situation, I have not been to that con nor seen the cosplayer only saw the issue being raised on Facebook, so I’m raising more awareness on here. More infomation: x

Reblogging in hopes this case get solved fast!

come on tumblr this needs more notes

THIS IS MY FRIEND MILLY! SHE’S IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU STILL IN SAN DIEGO WITH SEVERE BRAIN BLEEDING. PLEASE reblog this and let the police know if you have any information! 

6 weeks till a con and i have still have so much to do….


Easy Prosthetic Ear Tutorial by celticruinsdesigns.




-SOME DARK EYESHADOW(black, greens and browns)
-SOME RED MAKEUP(lipstick, eyeshadow or whatever)
-2 HARD BIG BRUSH, 1 SMALL BRUSH, A MEDIUM SPONDGE(can be found at any hobby store. Take the cheapest you can find).

optional: powder brush and blue food dye.

Be super creative and make really gross wounds. To make it look deeper, just build up layers.
Rice and spaggeti can be used as worms and maggots.


Blitz means camera flash.

sugar-cum whispered: Hi I was wondering if you know any good sites that do custom sizing >.<

your url made me laugh

There are some shops on etsy if you go looking but they do get rather expensive.

Sophie and Karli make their own cosplays and I buy mine but aren’t actuallt plus size ones….

perhaps look into patterns for bigger gals, It is always cheaper to make your own after all~


If your looking for Cosplay (which I assume unless it’s lolita?) look at these places, Iv bought from these before , and delt with custom order groups for friends, so I can vouch for these! I’ll list the pros and cons also :) First one is cosplayfu. I know recently, there was an issue with them using someone’s art work for a Cosplay without their permission, but, they are spot on with thier Cosplays. They’re the cheapest, and don’t use the best materials, but you can fully customise your outfit if you don’t like the color/cut / assersories. All you do is email them, they reply quick and are pretty friendly and willing to change a lot at no extra cost for plus size or changes! Beware of sizing though, as they can make things too big or small. Next up is hello cosplay. Again, a lot of questions about this one too, but the costumes Iv seen are always well made, good materials , and spot on with sizing. A little more expensive than the previous, but you can totally customise an outfit. A sailor moon Cosplay but you want it all black with pink sparkles? No problem, just email them an they would change it with no extra cost! Custom size is a little more expensive, and if you go above 2XL, you pay a tad more too. All in all, pay a bit more, a better Cosplay. Fast with orders an shipping too! Last one I would say is “FM anime” These guys are top of the range is money isn’t an issue. Cheaper than a commissioner, but the most expensive than the other two. Custom sizing available for a little extra cost, but they only use the best materials. You can custom all your stuff again, but they can be slow with replies. Can be slow with making and shipping, so leave plenty of time before you order, but if your willin to pay that little extra, this is the best place to go. Sizing is usually on spot, and if you email them, they are easy to talk with and help out if you explain well enough. I hope this helps you! ~Karli
Gameboy Cosplay ▷
hatelyndaily whispered: thank you so much for the cosplay advice!!! I really appreciate it!

no problem!

I hope you take time to submit your photos to us!


Trying to pay $50 for a $300+ costume commission is like trying to get French champagne on a Sprite budget.

- MaryAnne Vivandiere, seamstress and owner of Vivandiere Designs, on cosplayers asking for ‘reasonable prices’ for custom made costumes, without taking into account the hours spent patterning & fabricating said costume, as well as the cost of materials. (via msjayjustice) -
hatelyndaily whispered: I was hesitant to start a Levi cosplay because of my size and being new to cosplay in general, however a look at your blog gave me the confidence to at least give it a go. I have an amazon wish list of the main items i require and Im going to start purchasing things!! all i need is to find the boots and belts! thank you for having this blog xoxo I cant wait to get started!

the same rules apply to plus size cosplay just like smaller size cosplay

  1. Don’t buy cheap fabric
  2. don’t buy cheap wigs
  3. please dress appropriately if it is an open, family friendly event

Hell even shape wear is a good idea to smooth you out, if you’re anything like me and get paranoid about your squidgey bits.
Sophie and I do it a lot for cosplays.

Remember! It’s still a good cosplay of a character even if you have to slightly change cuts of parts of a cosplay to flatter your figure. This is something Sophie does a lot too!

Don’t let these militant fat acceptance bloggers be all like “YOU DON’T NEED TO WEAR TO YOUR SHAPE YOUR BODY IS NOT A PROBLEM”
It’s up to you if you want to work with the advice from the fashion industry.

Cosplay is about fun! Have fun with your cosplay! Rock that cosplay!


would this count as cosplay?

its obv from a photoshoot turned into a meme