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cosplay more like co$play

More like €o$p£a¥



how did you all miss cospay

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Found this online. Great for those who are drafting hoods.

Hoods are one of those finicky things to draft if you never drafted hoods before.

Example Cosplay: Attack on titan capes

I find this more revolutionary than I probably should, given the number of hoods I’ve sewn over the years. But it’s like world is a whole lot clearer now!

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Finished cosplay for Kiki. Jiji was bought off of amazon,Flats ebay and I took an old push broom we had and dyed the bristles + the wood.

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Meiko from Alice in Musicland cosplay for sale — any question please inbox me, I can negotiate!

This outfit comes in a plus size and if needed measurements, please let me know. Worn once for a few hours and haven’t worn since then.

You will get:

Gown, hoop skirt, sash, crown and the beadwork that came with the dress (isn’t seen in pics ).

I paid 150 for the dress and I’m asking $110.

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yes!!!! plus size xena won the saint louis WW cosplay competition!!

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Cosplay related things.

I decided to remake most of my Tsunade cosplay. And I realized, I’ve been wearing the old version for years and never realized I painted the symbol wrong on the back of her jacket. OTL Not that anyone ever said anything but man, I was not happy when I realized it. But my old jacket is going to a new home. Maybe I should fix it before she wears it… >_>

Progress pics of Skyloft Zelda. I bought a couple metal disc belts and spliced them together. Very carefully, I will hammer out the shape in the middle of each disc. It will take a long time and I will annoy everyone in a 100ft radius but cosplay! Skyloft Zelda’s dress is not terribly flattering but hopefully, once all the details are put in and so on and so forth, it’ll look better. I’m still trying to figure out how to frame and get the gem on the dress. Also mucking around with her other belt buckle thing. I didn’t bake this one. I’m not sure if I want to do clay or resin for it. I could probably eventually do either.

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#plus size cosplay

Just a reminder guys!

Can’t keep the blog running and up to date with plenty new and exciting content without you guys submitting photos or your own!

Submissions are very important and not just limited to plus size cosplay photos.
We also welcome
+Plus size cosplay happy stories
+Plus size cosplayer convention horror stories!
+Your tutorials on how to make a cosplay plus size friendly!
+Cosplay questions!

keep us stocked with all of these and help us maintain the blog you love!


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Sunday Cosplay is the best


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SELLING: Domino Dollhouse Cupcake Cutie Plus Size JSK in size 1X - $30 + Shipping OBO

This JSK is very plus size friendly and is no longer available on Domino Dollhouse’s website. The dress retailed for $79.99. Size 1X. Fits a max bust of 120cm!

It features cute multicolored “sprinkles” on the bodice as well as a shimmery red bow. The dress has an adorable pleated peplum at the waist. There is back shirring for further ease of fit.

This dress has been worn and washed numerous times and is missing a few sprinkles (which could most likely be replaced). The dress may have some loose threads.

This listing is for the JSK only (not the blouse or accessories) but since the Hello Kitty headbow matches so well please feel free to ask about me maybe including it. :)


I’m located in TX, USA. I accept payment via Paypal. Feedback links available upon request!

I cannot take returns on any items I sell, so please read the description closely! I will happily answer all of your questions and will provide other photos upon request, so don’t be shy. :>